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Friday 14 May 2021

Every Picture Tells a Story- Stick it Down Challenge for May

For May's Stick it Down challenge these pictures came to me unexpectedly however I feel so blessed to have captured the moment this way. 

First I will share this months challenge sketch:


Every time I visit my mom she asks the same question, "what do you want me to cook" and my answer is always the same, "fried dough". 

For those that do not understand what this is, it is the most delicious carb you will EVER eat! It is homemade bread dough cut into pieces and fired on all edges. You then cut it open, slather it with butter and molasses that melts and runs off your fingers as you eat them. This is tradition, our heritage and the taste of a more simple, pure life.

What made this day a little different is my daughter called when I was visiting and she asked what we were having for lunch, telling her she asked for the recipe. That is when the magic happened and I got the idea to send her a photo of mom holding up a platter of the fried dough and she wrote out the recipe for Abby.

Paper line used: Photo Play- Family collection and Bo-Bunny Double Dot Paprika

Techniques include popping up the elements, using washi tape to adhere the two different patterns together, stitching from sewing machine. It took a few takes to get the right photo but in the end I used them all!

Here are a few secret things I do that you may find helpful

Tip #1: Whenever I'm using a piece of card stock to back my main page I often cut out the center of it before adhering the main page and then use that piece to tie in the color more on the main page. Here I used the Bo bunny piece but also used the piece I cut out to back the photos. You will see this in the photo below.

-Tip#2: If I have left over pictures that I don't want to toss I will often stick them to the back. Here I stuck down the 4x6 photo that I didn't use and also the original hand written recipe that I didn't use on the front because the color contrasted the paper line to much. This creates little secrets should the people who eventually inherits these albums takes the time to really poke around in them as they are not visible because it will be covered by another page in the album itself.


Tip 3: If you don't include the story behind the page on the front, do it on the back

Hope this post brings you joy and inspiration for how you can preserve wonderful memories 

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