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Tuesday 3 March 2020


I absolutely love creating on wood! I look for old items that I can refurbish into something unique and useful.

Found an old cupboard door at year sale and it was actually the knob that inspired me. It did sit in our garage for a year. We moved last year and when my husband was cleaning out the garage it was going to "burn it"...imagine! So off it went to the storage unit for another 8 months :)

Sometimes you just have to wait until the inspiration hits you! Hence the title of this piece, POSSIBILITIES.

Sanded down 

First layer

Second Layer

Many layers later :)

Getting there!

Completed Project with the original door knob! 

You can hang this as Art, you can actually build a box and attach the door to it to give you a small cabinet. Door measures 15" x 23"

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