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Sunday 31 May 2020

Challenge! Everyone can be a card maker!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I follow Vicki Boutin regularly and she is one of the hugest influencers in letting loose and just playing. She is real, honest and passionate about art, in all forms.

If any of you are like me this is challenging! I always want to know what the finish project will be so getting out of this comfort of "planning" is outside my comfort zone. But I am doing it and loving the new found freedom!

Lately I played with alcohol inks and Lavinia Stamps. I messed around with these for a full afternoon and in the end I didn't "love" any of them enough to use for cards. But my goodness I had fun and I learned about the products and substrates.

Yesterday I wanted to create by not really put much thought into it so I put on a movie, spotted the beautiful but somewhat out of control collection of Vicki Boutin embellishments (see photo below ;) 
and my tossed aside card fronts from the day of play.

Without any thought I started to pull pieces that matched the color palette on the card fronts, some dimensional tape and magic happened!

I now LOVE these cards! 

Start with play ( I know the kool-aid drinkers out there with several backgrounds that can be cut down to card size) and then pull in embellishment pieces- ANYONE can do this!

Check out the dimension on these cards with the layering!

As always I hope this inspires you to create!

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