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Monday 12 October 2015

Gadget Girls Mega Crop Weekend

With the vast availability of paper crafting events to join and attend in our great Atlantic Provinces (feeling blessed about this), choosing which one(s) to attend can certainly be dependant on a variety of factors. Time, Location, Cost, Who will be there, past experiences, loyalty, etc all play largely into the decision we make.

Since closing my store, I've teamed up with a partner in crime sort-of-speak, and we have made a promise to each other to try as many crops as we can. Going to places that are not familiar to experience others peoples take on what makes a great crop weekend.

The below comments are my own personal thoughts, feelings and opinions which I will share with you. I plan on doing a little summary of all events I go to in the future :)

The Gadget Girls are a fun group of ladies from New Glasgow area. They are crafting friends who wanted to make sure scrapbooking crops continued and didn't become a thing of the past. So what better way then organizing them yourself!

This past crop (October 2-4) marked their 10th one. Each year they get bigger and bigger. hence the word "Mega"! This time there was roughly 150 women present for the entire weekend.

Photo owned by the Gadget Girls

What I liked:

  • Location of Crop, Truro which is centrally located

  • Two stores on site; My Stamping Studio and A Pile of Scrap

  • Both of these stores had a great variety of products to choose from

  • Attendee's had nothing less then 6 ft of table at their disposal (if you are an early register then you got an 8 ft table)

  • Snacks provided were awesome! Dips and chips as well as a cake

  • Everyone received a goodie package

  • Crop started at noon on Friday and went til Sunday at 3pm

  • Price very reasonable. $100 to register for the weekend (did not include rooms)

  • Games played at the table such as bingo and lucky squares

  • No limit on how late you could stay up

  • Personal items felt very safe when area closed up for the night as one of the organizers would stay up until the last person left

  • Great supply of Tea and Coffee

  • Tickets sold on "Win your Weekend"

  • Restaurant on site, avoiding leaving the hotel

  • Demo's available

What I didn't like so much:

  • Compared to other hotels, this one (Glengary) is somewhat outdated.The crop areas were great as the entire area was open, lighting not as bad as some but not great, breakfast included in hotel room however hours were not great (7-9:30am). With this said I do understand this was the largest venue available.

  • Games that were organized away from the table (Scavenger Hunts). Unless you were sitting directly in the centre of the room having a chance of winning was very slim.

  • How fast the weekend ended!

Would I go again? ABSOLUTELY:)

I thank the Gadget Girls for their continuous dedication in keeping  scrapbooking alive! Organizing a weekend like this is a lot of work and I for one appreciate it dearly.

This crop is for everyone regardless of your "level" of expertise or the papercrafting activity of choice.

Until next time


  1. Patricia Leblanc12 October 2015 at 15:09

    I really enjoyed my weekend, I need to find someone to attend with me bc it is lonely on your own. I missed the classes and I really missed the gifts on Saturday night ( by name until all names are called ). The hotel was great as usual and the food at the hotel was good. The pizza was awful, I like thin crust. I do not need to get fatter. I did miss Kim's store, she and her ladies are very nice. Got lots of cards made and had a good time with friends I have met during the previous crops. thanks Pat

  2. Thanks for your feedback Patricia!