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Sunday 11 September 2016

Tea cures everything

I LOVE mix media, paper piecing, colouring, bringing life to a plain canvas!!!

Vicky Papaioannou is my new favourite mix media inspirational blogger. 

This canvas was inspired by one she created from one she did, I just embellished a little more :)

Start with a mini paper pad with colours that you like and pick a few pages, cut in rectangles
 of various of sizes. Using medium gel, paste them down.

Then add a layer of thin gesso

Once dried (can you a heat tool to speed up the process) and a baby wipe to spread, add a combination of distress paint with the lightest in the center and brighter out to the edges, blending well. Finish with vintage photo to the edges

Using a variety of cup stain stamps and a permanent ink, like Versafine, stamp over

 To make the texture of the little squares pop use a permanent ink that allows a little time to move the colour around to shade and accent. I used Faber Castel Markers.

Then the real fun begins with paper piecing. First the tea cup which I cup from Heartfelt Creations "Coffee Talk" collection, then the tea pot which I did cut free hand!

Hope this inspired you to create today <3

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