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Sunday 27 January 2019

And the hunt begins!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

3 weeks before Christmas this past year, my husband and I sold our 3 story home and moved into a one bedroom apartment for the winter. Before you ask, yes he is still alive :)

We decided a while back that we had too much house, yard and "stuff" in general for the life we wanted so downsizing it is!

We are planning on building a small home, in fact some people would classify it as a cottage. It is half the size of our other home however it will have everything we need.

Prior to leaving our home we sold, donated nearly 80% of what we had. Keeping only what we felt we used on a regular base and what would fit our new place.

I love re-purposing old items into something new and fresh so we have begun the hunt for such items.

Today we attended a weekly flea market in the next community over to scope out what was out there. Let me say, I was not disappointed! With no intentions of looking for items for my next much smaller craft room, look what I stumbled across!

I walked by it, rubbed my eyes and walked back! I seen these on many of the "picking" shows I watch but never did I think I would ever be so lucky to have the opportunity to buy. Well I am very happy to say I am the new owner!!

Here is a better look once home:

No sure what the real name of these are but I'm calling it a bankers receipt filing system. Each drawer has one of these receipt holders attached in the back, there are no sides but my husband reassured me that adding was an easy project.

Each layer of 3 drawers across actually is one unit and each unit stacks on the next. the top piece is a cover to give it a finished look. Whenever more space was needed, the top piece would lift off to add another layer on the top.

Each drawer is approx 8" wide and 12" long with a depth of 4". All together it stands approx 5".

Very excited to give this piece a new home which right now we are anticipating to be in the summer.


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