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Sunday 6 January 2019

Matchbook Photo Folio- Recipe Collection

As passionate as I am about printing off photo's and preserving their stories, I am the same when it comes to family recipes. Food and preparation of speaks highly to our heritage, family values and traditions. Why not collect them, house them in one special spot to pass down for years and years to come.

This matchbook folio allows you creative and easy ways to do just that! This Folio is available for purchase- all you have to do is zip me an email :)

Paper line used: Photo Play- Fresh Picked 

Sticker Sheets going with Folio


Hidden Pocket on the front: will house lots of recipe cards/Photo's/Tags


Inside left- two separate mini albums with waterfall; pockets
Idea for use: one album for the Mothers side of the family and the other for the Fathers side

Inside left- Another hidden pocket with one photo mat (double sided)
Inside right - Another hidden pocket with two double sided mat cards

Inside right- 4 large photo mates double sides with lots of room to place for sheets of recipes; small pockets and large pockets.

Back Cover

Please click on this VIDEO to see a live walk through

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